Monday, August 17, 2009

When will Cynthia Reams Martin's nightmare end?

The KC Star informs me that three names have been submitted to Gov. Nixon for consideration for appointment to the Western District Court of Appeals. I'm not keeping official track, but it seems to me that Cynthia Reams Martin has shown up on three out of five judicial short lists for the past two or three years. Will someone please give this woman a robe? Judge Cook's name has shown up on every Western District short list this year, but I don't think she can match Reams Martin's patience. We've lost two judges to the executive branch. (J. Holliger and J. Dandurand... if anyone wants to be my awesome tipster I'd love to know why those two left safe seats on the Court of Appeals to go work for AG Koster. Dandurand barely had time to unpack his keepsakes before leaving the bench.) And we lost Judge Paul Spinden to the sweet nothings of Liberty University School of Law, where he is presumably currently suffering the ill effects of teaching students who were previously taught by Phill Kline. *

Anyway... I've never worked with or met Cynthia Reams Martin, but at a certain point it seems cruel to keep putting her on the short list if she never gets picked. So that's my blind endorsement. Go Cynthia!

* Sheesh. I'd totally forgotten that Liberty seduced former WD Judge Robert Ulrich. Resist, Colonel Eckhardt, resist!


  1. Cynthia is a first class lawyer, and had done all the bar activities. She would be a fine judge - I hope she gets her robe soon!

  2. Found your blog through a comment on TKC. Great blog, will be coming back!