Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In preparation for writing an already half-drafted-in-my-head post about local response to non-cooperation in the case of the 2 year old girl shot last friday, I went to google images to find a nice picture. Thinking about the girl's age, and hoping that she gets a next birthday, I thought about cute and girly little birthday cakes. Search! First of all, I'm mildly horrified to report that there is a "two girls one cup" birthday cake out there on the internet. Mom, Dad, anyone who doesn't already know what "two girls one cup" is, trust me, you don't want to know. It's really gross and it's the last thing you'd want to see decorated on a cake. Ok, second to last. Wait, third to last (sweet liberty, I'd almost forgotten tub girl! Again, if you don't know tub girl, you really really don't want to know tub girl).

Ahem. Back on a different off-point. So the search results provide a picture of an appropriately cute and girly cake. It appears to have a watermark, so I click on it to get a better look. Revealed:
Ma'am, why is there a penis on your birthday cake? Now it's early in the morning and instead of writing a sensitive post about how it really sucks that we can't just have a moment of focused community outrage regarding this shooting without it turning into anger at non-cooperating witnesses and victims, which as justified as it may be accomplishes absolutely nothing in terms solving the crime, I'm giggling immaturely at a tube of lipstick/phallic symbol and trying to remember a certain phrasing along the lines of "lipstick become penis" with "become" shortened but my google search has been completely defeated by pornographic references. (No, I didn't google "lipstick become penis," I googled "artist come director." Does anyone know what I'm talking about with this phrasing or am I imagining things?).

I might take a shot at the serious post later. If not, I'm sadly certain I'll have other opportunities to revisit the topic of how to have an expression of community concern that doesn't turn into an expression of community contempt and disparagement.


  1. the whole cake looks like a giant boob anyway

  2. Ok, we need to stop right there before this gets out of hand. :)

  3. Well, uh, YEAH! Pierced nip & associated boob. Not sure what the small danglies are - accessories of some sort? Did someone intend that cake to resemble a purse?

    If so, then I must declare
    "Cake decorator FAIL"