Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Chiefs Blogging

I gave our Friday night game against the Vikings the attention it deserved -- had the radio turned to 101.1 The Fox while relaxing around the grill in the backyard. The game was on the tv inside, just in case anyone got a good hit on Favre I could run in and catch the replay. I paid zero attention to the second half. Consequently, I have a mild feeling that borders on regret due to missing this Gutierrez character at QB. Arrowhead Pride warns me that Thigpen may lose his spot to Gutierrez, and this would make me sad as Thigpen has wrestled some entertaining moments out of some miserable games. So, I guess the smart money is on any quaterback "controversy" being about who gets to be the third stringer. Some people were making noises about a quarterback controversy between Cassel and Croyle. Some people are eager to relive the glory days of Grbac v. Gannon. But those days were painful. Besides, given our offensive line, my vision of this year's controversy would be the mothers of these players sitting around, reviewing the opposition's defense, and arguing whose boy's turn it is to get chewed up.

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