Saturday, August 1, 2009

I have been perceived by the candy of somomites!

I assume the commenter meant deceived by the candy of sodomites, specifically their candy coated answers. I can't tell if the errors are the marks of true stupidity or trolldom. And so it is that I find myself facing an iocane powder moment, and the temptation to completely overthink the matter. Is the commenter sincere in suggesting a conspiracy of homosexuals, jews and marxists, and should I take the time to condemn, in detail, the stupidity and bigotry on display? Or is the commenter a troll, hoping to smear the Mayor by association with the display of stupidity and bigotry? If the commenter is a troll, I must respect his skill-- "the false witness of Karl Marx" is a perfectly juicy bit of authenticity -- if not his intentions. If the commenter is sincere, well, he's just outrageous enough that my pointing out he is a stupid bigot is almost redundant. But then the key to surviving the iocane challenge is to slowly build an immunity to deadly iocane poison. So I shall respond as follows.

I hereby announce my allegiance to the somomites. I could not resist the truffles of equality, dignity, and respect. The homosexual lobby is so tastefully decorated and the bartender so handsome that I want to hang out in it all the time. I love jewish liberals. I could actually compose a lengthy blogroll of Nice Jewish Boys who say smart liberal things. I do not consider a belief in Jesus Christ to be a necessary condition of being a good person. I would gladly vote for an atheist. The Lord is with me.

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  1. Congratulations, your blog comes up fourth when I Google "somomites".

    I too am a somomite, somomtimes. The hours are what gets me. I find that if I somomize past 10, then I'm up all night.