Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Chiefs Blogging

Pretty clever title, eh? After watching football for nearly twenty years, I have attained a toddler level mastery of the game. I can recognize patterns, point to things that look cool, regularly lack the vocabulary to explain myself, and frequently ask "why?" Fortunately for my friends, I am an adult, so I have the self control not to ask "why?" every time I think it and try to limit my questions to appropriate breaks in the game. Which is my way of saying that I love the Chiefs and I'll probably be offering some commentary throughout football season but it's going to be, dare I say, fairly girly commentary (note to self: bad feminist!). I only dare to lurk at Arrowhead Pride.

In light of that, there's all sorts of information coming out of training camp and this is the time of the year where normal fans are getting excited about fresh faces and the possibilities for the future. I, however, would like to take a moment to get sentimental about the past. Not DT, although he's an obvious choice. No, I'd like to take this pretty Sunday morning to say that I miss T-Rich. It's not easy to find video of him in action. But one of my fondest memories at Arrowhead is sitting behind the end zone at his last game as a Chief with a perfect view of him in full blocking action. He's not the guy doing the fanciest thing on the field, but what he does was and is impressive. Here he is setting up LJ for his best run:

I miss you, man!

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