Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Alonzo: I don't live in the burbs, bitch.

I get it. I get that you're trying to make snitching glamorous. I get that you're trying to bolster your image as an outsider so that when people talk to you they can feel like they're helping stick it to The Man. Nobody hates you for encouraging people to give information about crimes to the police, other than the criminals involved. People like me are perfectly willing to sit back and let your clown show continue without comment as long as it's about the crime.

But solving crime is kind of incidental with you. And sometimes you like to take your platform and your image and do shitty things with it, like disparage someone for being a victim of pedophilia. Or say stupid shit like "Lack of sex makes you kill people," then take a mass murder as an opportunity to remind your readers that you have no problem getting some. This MAKES YOU AN ASSHOLE, not a superstar, and certainly not "a nice guy wanting to fight the good fight."

So, in brief, operating a private TIPS line doesn't give you a license to be an ass. People mostly let you indulge the fantasy that it makes you the Dark Knight or a SUPERSTAR, but when you use your power for evil, people are going to call you out. And they should. Thank you, douche. You're easy to blog.



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  1. Man, alonzo is quite the absurd character - and the amazing thing is that he takes himself so seriously.

    What a maniac.