Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reason for wanting to attend Citizens Police Academy:

Because guys in tactical gear are hot?

KCPD is accepting applications for the Citizens Police Academy. I won't apply, but I probably should. The idea is to give ordinary citizens a behind the scenes look at the structure and operation of the police department so when they're at a cocktail party defending the actions of a cop that tasered someone's grandma they have better credentials to argue that it's hard being a cop. Really. You have no idea what these guys go through.

Fortunately, it is possible to be both cynical about (one of) the purposes of the Academy and appreciative of what it does. It is a good idea to have ordinary citizens be more familiar with the workings of the police. It is a good idea for ordinary citizens to see the costs of maintaining public order. And it is a really good idea to have ordinary citizens interacting with law enforcement as ordinary human beings and not as the guy trying to arrest you or as the gal in charge of saving you. Cops, for the most part, are neither heroes or villains. They're ordinary human beings performing an often-times difficult job. Like everyone else, they need support and they need boundaries.

I should apply for this because it would better my sense of what support and boundaries are appropriate and/or reasonable. But for now, I'll keep working my way through The Wire via netflix and holding out for a Rent A Cop Friend program where you can pay somebody to show up at your parties and tell crazy stories.

and then slowly remove his clothes if he looks like Keanu.


  1. I'm getting a complex here. I don't mean to point out problems all the time but comments aren't allowed (no comment option) on the lifechangers post above, and the vid itself is embedded appropriately -- but it's not playing the video on Internet Explorer 7 at least. Not a problem with your embedding, I pasted the link on you tube and its not working either.

    Blogs suck to set up. Not your fault - they are incredibly UN-user friendly.

    Anyways, regarding your lifechangers post above, I agree.

    Mr. Todd at the Lifechangers and Fred Phelps have one thing in common, they both believe "God Hates Fags".

    A non starter from separation of church & state issues to common sense public policy, and what city governments should fund.

    There are worse stories out there about that organziation and their vehemance.

  2. les,

    It appears to be an IE specific problem. I can't figure it out. I posted a comment on the Life Changers thread (from Firefox), maybe that'll make a difference? I don't know. I'm the kind of person who talks to my car. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Shit, damn. I blame Internet Explorer for my inability to keep track of who I'm talking to.