Monday, July 27, 2009

Google guilt

In the last post I mentioned that I hadn't figured out yet how to create a hyperlink that opened in a new window. A commenter kindly provided the appropriate code. When I first saw the comment, I thought it was my very first comment spam and I felt all grown up like a 13 year old with her first hickey. Then I had a caveman lawyer moment of staring at the brackets before I realized what it was. Then I was grateful. And then I felt google guilt.

Because I know damn well how to google "html code." And I've been reading blogs long enough to know what I like to see on a blog that makes it more reader friendly. But as I'm getting this started, I'm more focused on generating content on a regular basis than messing with format or doing obvious things like creating a blogroll or all the other fun sidebar stuff. So if there's some format type detail you don't see here but would like to, feel free to consider me lazy and speak up in the comments.


  1. Hey, just followed a link off of Gone Mild and read the whole thing. I have 2 comments.

    Nice job so far.
    I'll be back!