Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greetings, Kansas City.

Why blog?

Blogging is hard work. But after years of dumping my thoughts in assorted comment sections, I'm going to give it a try. I don't want readers all up in my business. I'm not going to share my hobbies with you. Unless you count ranting as a hobby. I'm going to blog about KCMO, my beloved hometown. I will feed off the sickly corpus of the KC Star and the herpetic member that is TKC. I'm interested in the politics of KC and the community. I will share my thoughts here in the hopes of encouraging others to share their viewpoints so that we all, hopefully, end up with a better understanding of the place in which we live. I also hope to make my readers laugh, or better yet, smirk on a semi-regular basis.

Why Sophia?

Because Renee was already taken in French class. I dunno. It's a pretty name and I'm a woman, representin on the internet. Nagged from the darkness of anonymity on BlogCCP it's what I went with. Then Cardarella called me out for choosing "wisdom" as my handle. So, for the root watchers among us, my name isn't a claim to divine wisdom or the eternal feminine.

Why League of Extraordinary Nobodies?

Because the KC blogosphere is apparently full of readers who think only important people read and comment on blogs and that every comment is from a person of significance advancing some larger agenda, rather than, you know, some ordinary person with zero name recognition that felt the need to share their observations or opinions. I think of this as the "Hi, Phil" phenomenon. League of Extraordinary Nobodies occurred to me when I was dealing with an anony commenter at Gone Mild who was convinced that I was Phil Levota. The title is my way of signaling that Important People who require a certain degree of accomplishment, credentials, authority or willingness to put your REAL NAME on the internet before they will take a person's comment seriously will not have their needs satisfied here.

I ditched the definite article in the title out of respect for some alternative hip hop artist (white guy in brooklyn) who produced a song of the same name. I'd never heard of it before. I read the lyrics, it's very J. Alfred Prufrock. I didn't listen to the song, so I don't know if it's worth respecting. I just felt the need to disassociate.

Oh yeah, I liked how easy it is to shorten -LEN. I hate long names on the internet.

Links, better formatting and Priest Holmes blogging to follow.


  1. I'm going to yell at you every day you don't post.

    In front of all these internet.

  2. test. should I be able to paste into this little box? Honest, short chunk leading to sorta funny comment...