Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Tell People They Sound Racist

According to youtube, this video has been viewed 243,283 times. That strikes me as about a hundred million views short. Approximately. This video should be required viewing in schools starting in 3rd grade and repeated until people get the point.

It's from a hip hop video blog, so I can forgive myself for not seeing it earlier. But this guy is so smart, funny and wise I want to have his children, or at least spill some of his seed. If it's possible to embed the video, I couldn't figure it out.* So click on through. Because it applies to Gloria. It applies to Gates. It applies to just about every conversation you've ever had about racism.

Then go to the guy's site and listen to him talk about Miss California and "no homo," and tell me why I shouldn't think he's the one of the coolest guys in America.

* I also haven't figured out how to create links that open in new tabs, so right click and work with me.


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