Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Live blogging joint session health care speech

7:00 I can't believe I'm watching this. (crosses fingers)

7:05 Oh, Michelle. Not sure about the dress.

7:10 Dennis Moore, step back from the HHS Secretary.

7:15 Katie Couric is worried about congress catching H1N1 from all the kissing.

7:18 Controversially, Congress applauds people being employed.

7:18 My response to the economic crisis has worked, bitchez!

7:19 I love Nancy Pelosi's pearls. (yeah yeah yeah, you're determined to be the last)

7:21 Wassup John Dingel?

7:22 The world's most awesome email list produces rescission anecdotes.

7:24 Employer-based insurance-- inefficient, stupid, and expensive.

AAAAARGH!!!!!!! Our health care problem is our deficit problem nothing else comes close? Check out the cost of extending the Bush tax cuts or the defense budget. Just an idea!

7:26 Dont. Stop. Believing. In the power of triangulation.

7:27 ok, I know, I know. Getting out of committee is really tough. But I don't think that resonates with the average viewer.

7:29 oh for fuck's sake. These are the details we need to know that you've been stating for months. yes, Mr. President. Repeat it. All those people who don't believe you will suddenly believe you now that you've repeated yourself.

Can't deny for a pre-existing condition. No more rescission. No more caps on coverage. Cap on out of pocket expenses. No extra charge for prevention care!


live blogging over.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was done.

He's got a god damn trigger on the exchange?

and in the time it took me to log back on, he's gone into mandate???????

If I had a gun, I'd shoot my tv.

Did you hear Congress laughing at the line that there's more work to be done ironing out the details? That's the sound of meaningful reform dying.

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  1. Looks like someone needs to join Twitter. We could use you to balance out all the libertarians over there.