Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging is hard

Real live chat log

B: whoopi defends polanski as having not committed "rape" rape (on the View! in the morning! wtf?) and yet no post from sophie? we must stop the madness. you post, then i read. together the madness is stopped!

S: lol
B: that's what she said! according to whoopi and many hollywood supporters
S: I read about it
B: and yet remain insufficiently inflamed to post?
S: I know... I know...
but I try to focus on local things
B: do you really want to end on that kid with the touchdown?
S: that wasn't my last post!
and it's not ending
B: your last post doesnt count! just like that touchdown
S: lol
Sent at 9:30 AM on Wednesday
B: seems to me polanski made a deal, dont go to places that were willing to arrest him and he can live happily ever after. that i can defend. that is the world. but harvey weinstein saying that being a "great humanist" means that sex with a 13 year old girl didn't happen is batshit crazy
S: I'm just going to post this chat log on my blog
B: ok
i wish a had cussed more.

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  1. blogging is hard, judging by the frequency of your posts.